Wisdom 2.0 Conference

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We first came on board to work with Wisdom 2.0 in 2012, when it was scheduled to be held at The SF Concourse Exhibition Center. We had years of experience producing Sea of Dreams there and Wisdom 2.0 wanted to harness some of the same creative flair. anonEvents brought its team of sound, lighting, photo/video, and Imag systems, to set up multiple stages, drape elements, and interactivity zones. We helped design the main conference layout, along with a reception space for three different VIP, dance, and talent show events. anonEvents also streamlined the conference with professional a site layout and flow consultation, permit, and contract negotiations.

The event has since moved to the Marriott Hotel in Downtown SF and we’ve grown with it. It’s one of our very¬†favorite events because we have the unprecedented opportunity to participate in corporate¬†conference that explores the intersection of technology, spirituality, and mindfulness. Working with the Wisdom team, we get such creative latitude to create stunningly colorful event decor and art direct multi-room environments of meditation & yoga zones, lounge spaces, break out pods, art galleries, play spaces, sculpture gardens, and main stage designs.

We feel it’s our true calling to assist in productions like this, created to raise awareness, provoke inspiration, and help shift the world towards a conscious mentality.