who is anon?


nauticalscream.fb copyanonEvents has been madly in love with producing a full spectrum of entertaining events for over 30 years now. We’re proud to be a one stop, total resource outfit and are thrilled to offer a wide range of innovative services & styles tailor made for each and every one of our clients. Variety is the spice of our livelihood!

We’re eager to bring your vision to life and creatively consult alongside, throughout each stage of your event, bringing our years of experience with sound, lighting, and staging + photo/video, talent, art and decor to the table.

anonEvents is committed to providing our clients with the biggest bang for their budget. Our veteran team + efficient crew understand how to execute complex arrangements of integrated production assets in record time, for rock concerts, corporate conferences & events, avant garde art salons, intimate social soirees, public street fairs, weddings, and more. Integrating state-of-the-art lighting, epic special effects, wildly engaging talent, and eye-popping decor to create an event you’ll never forget!

We work with all the top local rental houses, as well as drawing from our own workshop of unique, one-of-a-kind props. We custom build elements and collaborate with beloved artist friends from our Burning Man community and eclectic Bay Area art, theatre, music scenes to deliver that fun, colorful, signature WOW factor.

We hook you up with preferred caterers, providing connections to our favorite food & beverage specialists with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working with for years. We also book top tier musical acts and DJs, as well as the latest cutting-edge circus acts, and costumed walk around characters for any theme imaginable.

We’re well versed in making smart changes quickly, troubleshooting on the fly, and clearly communicating strategies to multiple production teams at once. Our expert mapping and event-planning personnel have a detailed understanding of venue flow, permit processes, electrical, safety and legality issues. We’ve worked in most all venues around town and have excellent relationships with police, health, fire, medical, security, and insurance companies.

No doubt we’ve got the logistical chops to pull any kind of event off in a legit way, but we’re most proud of taking an unconventional, artistic approach to production with some pretty “out of the box” thinking. Status quo is boring. We prefer to aim for – “I haven’t seen THAT before!”

Sound intriguing? We’d love to brainstorm and work with you on co-creating your next brilliant event. We’re a fun-loving team of life-embracing artists, dedicated to creating the most memorable, transformative events that will leave your guests buzzing with awe & wonder long after the lights go up.

Call us for a free consultation and let’s envision what we can collectively dream up for YOU! The sky’s the limit…