The Wisdom 2.0 2013 conference was a wild success and we could not have done it without the support and creativity of Joegh Bullock and Anon Events. Tripling our attendee count and moving to a much larger venue was quite an undertaking for our team. Joegh’s consulting on the venue and suppliers was invaluable and helped us save costs throughout the planning process. On the ground, the Anon team completely transformed the venue and brought it to life with different decor and design elements that were as much a part of the event as the speakers we had on stage. This brought joy and pride to our team and made a huge impact on the participant experience. But the true pleasure came from working with someone as thoughtful, caring and charming as Joegh. By the end we felt Anon was not an external source we hired, but rather a part of our team.

Michele Stransky
Wisdom 2.0 Conference Producer


Joegh Bulloch and his team at Anon Events have been an important and integral part of the cutting edge event and festival culture in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as assisting Harmony Festival for many, many years. Not only does he bring a vast experience of production know how, but he also cultivates and delivers the creative spark that turns a “good event” into a  “wow event”. I definitely recommend inviting him to be part of any production, to handle the nitty gritty details, as well as assisting you in taking your event to the next level.

Debra Giusti
Wishing Well Productions
Founder of Harmony Festival


Joegh Bullock and I have done events together for the past 30 years. I always found him to be hard working, organized, imaginative and honest. Honesty is the trait that I value the most. Joegh never promised me anything that he didn’t deliver on. The events he produced were often complicated and large in scope. He is someone with great vision and imagination. I can comfortably recommend him to anyone who needs help producing any size events.

Gary Monitto,
President/GML Events


We worked with Anon Events to light up our Bollywood themed staff party. Our venue changed one hour before the party started and the team at Anon handled it with professionalism, speed and ease. What started as a dark, dull room was rapidly transformed into a beautiful space, using draperies, rugs and lighting. I recommend Anon for all needs in sound, light and staging.

Tim Dale
Founder, Yoga Tree


“It was a pleasure working with Joegh Bullock of anonEvents! He creatively transformed my ballroom into a beautiful space, while staying easy going, gracious and professional with my team. Exactly what I wanted and needed, and I loved hearing so many compliments from my guests.”

Shoshana Zisk
SF TechMusic Conference


I have worked with anonEvents at our 40,000 sq ft Venue for over 5 years.
Joegh Bullock has a highly creative vision, true community sprit, well respected in the arts and special events communities for over 30 years and is a warm and caring producer who adds a human touch throughout his productions.

Laura Reyes Takai
Property manager SF Concourse Exhibition Center